4 Practical Problem-Solving Techniques for Today’s Business Leaders

Problem Solving

Business leadership success is dependent on your ability to identify problems, formulate solutions and communicate effectively with your team. However, we all know this can feel ‘easier said than done.’ By learning to implement these practical problem-solving techniques, you can become a more impactful (and more trusted) business leader.

Step 1. Get an Accurate Diagnosis

You can’t find a solution to a problem if you don’t (first) identify that there is an issue and (second) understand the details of that issue. Even in crisis leadership scenarios where everything unfolds quickly, the most important step of all the problem-solving techniques is to act strategically and with as much information as possible. So, slow down, gather information, and accurately diagnose the problem that needs to be worked.

Step 2. Identify Cluster Problems

When a problem feels overwhelming, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a cluster problem – or an issue that’s made up of several smaller but related problems. Identify cluster problems and work to separate them, so you can develop solutions to each and assign remediation tasks to the most appropriate team members.

Step 3. Separate Problems from Symptoms

One of the most overlooked problem-solving techniques is to differentiate the symptoms of the problems from the root of them. Symptoms, or the ways in which an issue is rearing its ugly head within your business, are the most visible sign of a problem, so it’s easy to focus on them. For example, you may be faced with “declining sales,” but that’s not really a workable problem – it’s actually a result (aka symptom) of something more fundamental, such as a recent change in product quality or new hires in your sales team who require additional skill training, etc.

Step 4. Prioritize

Now that you understand the problems, prioritize the core issue(s). By working the root problems first and not stretching your resources too thin, you’ll start to see more dramatic results in less time. You may also see that smaller problems begin to resolve themselves (at least partially).

These problem-solving techniques are designed to help you step back and think strategically about the obstacles facing you and your business. At FocalPoint Canada, we work closely with our clients to help them gain perspective on their business, build and hone their leadership skills, and craft customized strategies that drive success. If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to help.

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Are You Ready to Take These Problem-Solving Techniques to the Next Level?

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