A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Success Strategies

Guide for Creating Success StrategiesIt’s pretty safe to say that every business leader (and up-and-coming professional) wants to succeed in their role – but that doesn’t happen by accident.  If you’ve looked around and wondered if others knew some “success secret” that you simply aren’t privy to, you aren’t alone.  The truth of the matter is that those high-producing, goal-achieving colleagues have likely put a great deal of thought into their success strategies.

Getting Started: The 7 Success Principles

In a recent post, we explored the 7 Essential Principles for Achieving Maximum Success.  If you haven’t read that post yet, we suggest starting there.

The idea is that there are seven core principles every leader must practice in order to achieve their fullest potential.

Here’s a brief refresher:

    1. Clarity – Define who you are and what you want.
    2. Competence – Resolve to join the top 10% of your field.
    3. Constraints – Understand what stands between you and your goals.
    4. Creativity – Nurture your capacity for creating innovative solutions.
    5. Concentration – Practice sustained concentration on a single goal or task.
    6. Courage – Embrace the courage to begin and persist.
    7. Continuous Action – Learn more, try more, and persist longer.

Putting It in Motion: Creating Success Strategies

Understanding the theory behind it all is one thing; learning how to create success strategies is another.  To start putting the seven principles in motion, here are the steps you need to take.

    1. What’s the single biggest concern in your business and/or personal life? The amount of mental energy we put into “spinning” around our biggest fears/problems/concerns is ultimately wasted time.  Instead, focus on it until you have identified possible solutions.
    2. What would you be, do or accomplish if you were guaranteed success? Too often, we limit our goals because we assume they are unattainable.  You’re going to stop doing that in this moment, and instead make a list of the possibilities as if there were no limitations.
    3. What will success “look like” when you get there? The core to creating a success strategy is knowing how you’ll define success once you get there.  Write down your wishes for each aspect of your life, and then turn them into well-defined goals.
    4. What’s the most important skill you need to learn that would transport you into the top 10% of your field? If you’re having a hard time, think about what would differentiate you from others or what skills you admire most in your mentors.  Now, do something today to begin developing that skill.
    5. What is the biggest obstacle or constraint (internal or external) standing in the way of achieving your main professional goal? Once you define that barrier, you take away its power. Start developing solutions right away.
    6. Who or what do you tend to blame when something goes wrong? This is a hard pill to swallow, but most of us tend to blame our own failures on something external.  It’s time to accept complete responsibility for your life.  Take a private moment to identify your “go to” scapegoats, and then resolve to “catch yourself” next time you hear those words coming out of your mouth.
    7. Can you imagine yourself achieving your goals? This actually isn’t a hypothetical question.  Part of creating a success strategy is finding the affirmations and visualizations that keep you motivated throughout the goal-achievement process.  What will it look like when you’ve achieved financial success, excellent health and personal happiness?

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