Achieve Your Goals Faster with the Guaranteed Success Formula

Guaranteed Success FormulaThere’s no doubt that, at some point in your professional journey, someone has stressed the importance of setting goals – and rightfully so.  Well-crafted goals are essential for getting you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.  However, if you’re like most of us, you can probably point to multiple times where you set some goals but lost track of them in the weeks that followed.  It’s time to shift your mentality from goal setting to goal achieving with the Guaranteed Success Formula.

The Guaranteed Success Formula: How to Shift into a Goal Achieving Mindset

First things first.  Many professionals think they are setting goals when they’re actually describing a loosely defined target destination (or a point at which they believe they’ll feel successful).  Goal setting is a skill – so if you haven’t yet learned how to develop goals that are both qualitative and quantitative, we suggest reading Goal Setting Made Simple before continuing on with the Guaranteed Success Formula.

The Guaranteed Success Formula helps you progress from goal setting to goal planning to goal achieving – in five simple steps.

Step 1:  Start with the 10 Goal Method

Begin with a clear mind, clean desk and fresh piece of paper – the proverbial “clean slate.”  Put today’s date in the top corner (since tracking progress requires you to know when you got started).  Now, use a “limitless mentality” to write down 10 goals as if they were guaranteed to happen.  What would you like to be, have or accomplish in the next twelve months?

Follow these guidelines:

  • Present – Your subconscious mind registers commands that are written in the present tense. Instead of “I will earn $xxx,xxx by next September” write “I earn $xxx,xxxx by next September.”
  • Positive – Word every goal positively. Instead of “I won’t lose any clients” (negative), write “I will retain all of my clients” (positive).
  • Personal – Begin each goal with “I” to connect your subconscious mind with the positive affirmation you’re writing.
  • Time-Specific – End each goal with a clearly-defined deadline.

Step 2:  Prioritize Your Goals

Assume all of your goals will come true with your continued dedication.  This commitment is essential to the goal achieving mentality, so if there are goals on this list that you aren’t ready to commit to, put a strike through them for now.  You can always add them back to the list later.

Now, ask yourself: if I could achieve one goal from this list right now, which would have the greatest positive impact on my life?  Circle that one.  This is your primary goal.

Step 3:  Craft a Plan for Achieving Your Primary Goal

Now, you’ll start shifting from goal setting to goal planning.  Open to a new sheet of paper and write your primary goal at the top.  Under the goal, make three columns:

  1. For the challenges you’ll have to overcome to achieve the goal.
  2. For additional skills and/or information you will need.
  3. For people whose support or cooperation you’ll require.

Understanding these challenges allows you to create an actionable plan, but it’s also the key to staying on track when obstacles do arise.

Step 4: “Mindstorm” Steps and Solutions

The Guaranteed Success Formula centers around how you’ll achieve your goal, so now it’s time to start developing a list of actions that will get you closer to achieving your goals.

At the top of a new sheet of paper, reword your primary goal into a question.  For example, “how can I earn $xxx,xxx by next September?”  Create a list template by writing the numbers 1 through 20 down the left side of the page.

Now, start writing answers to your question, and don’t give up until you have (at least) filled up the list.  You’ll find that the first few will come easily, but it will become progressively more challenging.  You’ll have to dig deep to craft the last five or ten answers, but that’s where you’ll start finding creative solutions for achieving maximum success.

Step 5: Take Action

There are two main reasons people lose steam when it comes to achieving their goals.  First, they failed to plan for obstacles and get defeated when challenges arise (luckily, you’ve already taken care of that).  Second, they allow their goals to remain on paper instead of bringing them off the page and into real life.

Look at the list of 20 actions you’ve just created.  Which of these can you put into motion right now?  Do it.  Then come back to this list and decide what you can do tomorrow.  Every Monday, come back to this list and make a plan for the week ahead –until you’ve achieved your goal.

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