KWINK Analysis: How Top Business Leaders Leverage Zero Base Thinking

KWINK Analysis & Zero Base ThinkingHave you ever wondered what ‘success secrets’ today’s top business leaders have learned that the rest of us haven’t?  If you are like most of us, it can feel as though they are able to accomplish more with their 24 hours than we’re able to – but we can’t figure out why.  The (not-so) secret?  They put a great deal of work into developing their time management strategies, including zero base thinking.

Zero Base Thinking & Letting Go of the Past

Zero base thinking is a mentality designed to help professionals – from executives to up-and-coming junior managers – objectively evaluate processes, systems, and strategies without the confines of historical influences.  In other words, it allows the person to overcome the “we do it this way because it has always been done this way” type of trap.

Why is that important?  Because we, like the business leaders we admire, only have a certain number of hours in the day to accomplish all we need to accomplish – so it’s essential to not waste precious time with tasks and/or belief systems that aren’t contributing to our goal achievement.

To start incorporating zero base thinking into your daily life, begin with a KWINK Analysis (a.k.a. the “Knowing What I Now Know” Analysis).

KWINK Analysis – A Powerful Zero Base Thinking Tactic

Knowing what you now know, what would you do differently in your life today?  Would you have chosen a different business partner?  Launched that recent product line?  Focused more on strategic planning?  Invested less time in business and more in your family?

All too often, we feel trapped by our past decisions – letting them dictate our future choices.  The reality is that we make the best choices possible with the information we have at the time, but that’s not where the process ends.  We must continually reevaluate and adjust with the information we have right now.

Here are three areas of your life that deserve a quick KWINK Analysis.

#1 – Relationships:  Ask yourself, “is there anyone in my life (personally or professionally) with whom I wouldn’t build a relationship again now that I know what I now know?”  The main reason we maintain bad relationships is that we think it’s somehow better to muddle through than to experience the potential pain and uncertainty that accompanies severing ties.  However, more often than not, people wonder why they didn’t do it sooner once they get to the other side.

#2 – Business Processes:  When it comes to sales, marketing and products/services, ask yourself, “would I get into this again, knowing what I now know?”  If the answer is no, then it’s time to stop – right now.  Trust us, if you don’t start implementing a plan to redirect your resources now, you’ll find yourself with no choice down the road.

#3 – Investments:  An investment can be made with time, money and/or emotion, and they have a funny way of trapping us in unfulfilling (often damaging) situations.  Ask yourself, “have I made any investments that I wouldn’t make again if I could do it all over?”  If so, acknowledge the loss, admit the mistake and stop contributing more of your resources to it – immediately.

Your ability to effectively manage your time begins when you determine which unproductive things you’re going to cut out of your life – freeing up the time to do more of the things that really make a difference today and for your future.

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