Leadership Tips: How to be an Effective Manager During the Holidays



Being an effective leader is a year-round challenge, but it’s increasingly challenging during the busy holiday season. Everyone’s attention is being pulled in many different directions – both professionally and personally – and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. These 5 Leadership Tips for the Holiday Season are designed to help you keep your team engaged while solidifying yourself as a reliable and motivated business leader.

#1 – Be Realistic with Expectations

Of course, the wheels of productivity must continue turning during the holiday season, but it’s essential to remain realistic about your expectations. Now may not be the time to implement new initiatives or projects that aren’t urgent and/or time sensitive. Keep in mind that great leaders are great listeners, so use this skill to remain connected with your employees and their needs through the busy period. Communicate clearly about expectations and listen for cues that they’re feeling overwhelmed.

#2 – Practice & Encourage Time Management

Time management skills are an essential key for thriving through the busy holiday season. Be sure to practice good time management with your own schedule and take the time to coach others on ways they can optimize their productivity. For more time management leadership tips, read our post: 4 Ways to Get More Done – Starting Now!

#3 – Give (Praise, Recognition, and Credit)

While holiday bonuses and gifts are an important tradition in the business world, it’s also imperative to give freely of praise, recognition, and credit. As employees get stressed during the holiday season, your words of support are likely to carry an even greater weight. Nurture an engaged team by celebrating the strengths of each member.

#4 – Prioritize Private Interactions

Large social gatherings are common during the holidays, but they shouldn’t replace one-on-one time with your employees. Make the time to check-in with each employee and spend a private moment (or two!) with them. By connecting with them on an individual level, you’ll build stronger relationships and ultimately create a more productive team.

#5 – Anchor Yourself & Be Consistent

One of the greatest leadership tips anyone could offer for maximizing your effectiveness during the busy holiday season is to take care of yourself. If you’re stressed, your team will be, too. Check-in with yourself, your employees, and your loved ones. Schedule moments of quiet time into your day to help you stay grounded. And be real with those around you – instead of putting on a happy face if you’re struggling.

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