Bryan Emmerson


Starting at the bottom (mailroom clerk) and progressing through sales, accounting, plant supervision, and senior management (eventually COO); I ended up running my family’s third-generation two plant 400 employee family business. In 2007 I left the business to “make my own footprints in the snow” and became a business coach. In 2010 my three siblings and I bought out my father, and we each now 25% of the business.

As a coach, I work with a broad client base across many sectors. Due to my family business background, I have a particular affinity for family businesses; some have called me the Family Business Coach.Every business is both similar and unique. They are similar in that a coach begins at the same place by asking strategic questions. The answers are very specific and lead us down a uniquepath forward. Further, each business owner has a different definition of what success looks like. My role is to work with the business owner to achieve his/her definition of success in a much faster time than they would by themselves.

I enjoy martial arts, reading, motorcycling and other activities with my family. I have been married to my wife Darcy for over 27 years. My daughter Alexandria is a school teacher and my son David is a medical technician with the Canadian Armed Forces.