Jim Flemming


Jim Flemming is a committed business professional with more than 40 years of ‘hands on’ experience in strategic planning, developing sales and operations teams and building organizational infrastructure. He knows and understands the realities that business owners and managers confront daily. Jim's expertise lies in his ability to take underperforming assets and nurture them to greater profitability.

Strategic Planning and Business Development:

Jim works with the Owner, Executive Team and/or Management Team (in some cases we create the Management Team), together we develop the strategic plan to growth the business. Diving deep into the 5 strategic questions of “What do we do?”, “Who do we serve and where will we play?”,“What are we great at (or will be) ?, “Why will we win and what competencies must be developed?” and “How do we behave?” (What is our culture?) The outcomes of this work will be increased revenues, better performing teams, improved cash flow and improved business operations and forecasting.

Succession Planning, organization and implementation:

Jim works with and support business owners and leaders to design, organize and implement a Succession and/or Exit strategy. This would include the development of your “winning aspiration strategy, the creation of Organization Chart and the evaluation of the current Team. Using tools as Behavior and Motivation assessments, job Expectation specifications and Metrics, a custom skills development plan and hiring process are designed and supported.