Pete Sprukulis


“Big Coach Pete” Sprukulis has spent his professional career developing businesses from start-ups to multinationals and developing people to perform at their best and up to their individual potential.

After leaving the University of Toronto with an MBA, Pete spent half of his career with large complex companies (IBM, ORACLE, Ontario Power Generation) honing his skill sets in Marketing and Sales and the other half of his career in Start-ups and Early Stage companies deploying those same skills to build new innovative and disruptive businesses to deliver value to their customers.

Pete is all about “doing the right thing” in business and mentoring those who are eager to develop their own skills.  As a culmination of that mindset, Pete authoured a book on his business philosophy; “The Common Sense Marketing Revolution” which succinctly proposes that customers are at the Centre of the World and they need to be delighted, not merely satisfied.

Pete is a sought after speaker and educator.  He is currently on the Faculty of Sheridan College, and is a Mentor with Haltech and Communitech based in the Halton and Waterloo Regions.Training and mentoring are equally important to Big Coach Pete as he spends time developing future leaders and encouraging those leaders to build their businesses.

On a personal note, Pete is a dedicated “Parrothead”, and a creative soul at heart.  Having written numerous screenplays, TV pilots, books on Marketing, and courseware also on Marketing, Pete embodies creativity; both in his personal and professional life.  The creativity makes Pete stand out in a crowd, along with his height, because the “Big” in “Big Coach Pete” is a perfect description of Pete as he enters a room.