Phil Gilkes


I have been a longtime advocate of helping others that are Passionate, Positive, Performers, such as athletes, business owners and entrepreneurs, to attain or exceed their dreams. As a student of the mind in my early years it proved to be what makes my heart sing. A self-directed path of study helped me understand that knowing the What & Why’s of your life is a critical part of a successful life journey. Applying the many ideas and principles that I was taught by the many mentors such as Val Van Der Wall, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie and Lou Tice’s Investment In Excellence to mention a few. The insights that these mentors provided turned on his creative juices allowing him to replicate success similar to his mentors. My current What & Why’s are to coach and mentor others to create their own successes.

With a diverse entrepreneurial background extended over 35 years has provided me many years of experience within manufacturing, printing & graphics, real estate and the facilitation of personal development training to sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make small or major changes in their lives.

‘Bringing Your Success into Focus’