Stephen Simms


As a business owner, who do you talk to or turn to? Who holds you accountable to yourself, your goals & aspirations, to your team, your customers and your family? Why do the best athletes in the world, with exceptional talent and proven success, insist on having a Coach? What about Fortune 500 business leaders, with extraordinary resumes, why do they have trusted business advisers at their side? The answer is because they see the value and understand the benefits of a coaching relationship and had a vision and desire to be the best and they took the necessary steps to maximize their true potential!

I love what I do and take immense pride in doing it. My 33 years of proven leadership and turnaround experience have ranged from the delicate to the bold. My leadership journey began at the age of 13 managing a concession stand and grew to leading teams of 4,000 as a Senior Vice President with a Global Fortune 500 company. I am comfortable with conversations and taking action around sales, marketing, operations, strategy development, financial performance, customer service, client retention and team development. I have worked with teams all over the world and have had the good fortune to continually grow in my leadership skills through access to fantastic mentors and coaches.

Go ahead and visit my website and let’s arrange to have a conversation and get to know each other. Allow me the privilege to learn your story and begin to understand your journey.