The 3 Closing Techniques Your Sales Team Needs to Know

3 Closing Techniques - Business DealAll too often, sales directors and executives consider the importance of developing an effective sales strategy over developing the skills of their sales team.  While, of course, a sales strategy is integral to sales success, it’s meaningless unless you also have a team who can implement it.  From prospecting to overcoming objections to closing techniques, sales skills are learned and honed over time.

When approaching the final stages of the sales process, it’s common for anxiety to build inside the salesperson – especially if that salesperson has a low close rate in comparison to his or her peers.  The reality, however, is that salespeople who have a hard time “closing the deal” are often suffering from a specific under-developed skillset (and not a general lack of ability).

In this post, we’ll explore the Three Most Powerful Closing Techniques that will help your team consistently convert more of their sales pitches into signed deals.

#1 – The Conversational Close

All closing techniques share one common element: you must ask for the sale.  It may sound elementary, but if you don’t ask for the desired behavior (or clearly direct the person towards that action), the prospect will walk away more educated than before – and that’s it.

Once you’ve answered all of their concerns during the final stages of the pitch, ask the prospect this simple, direct and conversational question: “Why don’t you give it/us a try?”  Read their reaction, and if you sense any hesitation, add “And I’ll take care of all the details.”  You’d be surprised how many customers are willing to say ‘yes’ when they realize it won’t add to their workload.

#2 – Directive Close

With the Directive Close, you aren’t waiting for the ‘yes’ but instead operating as if they’ve already said yes.  This technique is less about asking and more about guiding their behaviors.

Ask the prospect if she or he has any more questions that you can answer.  Once they say ‘no,’ you’ll simply say, “Great!  Then the next step is to …”  You’ll go on to lay out the plan of action just as if s/he had enthusiastically stated how much they wanted it.  This is one of the most powerful closing techniques in the industry.

#3 – Authorization Close

Similar to the Directive Close, the Authorization Close works with the assumption that the prospect is going to move forward with the sale.  After all, s/he could have walked away at any time but didn’t.

When the prospect says they have no more questions for you to answer, you’ll take the order form, put a check next to the signature line and say, “Perfect.  Then, if you’ll just authorize this, we’ll get started right away,” – as you slide the form across the table.  Never underestimate the power of the words right away.

The future belongs to those who ask for the sale – or the appointment, follow-up conversation, referral, up-sell, etc.  The secret is to never be afraid to ask for what you want.  What’s the worst that can happen?

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