The Grand Slam Formula: How to Increase Productivity & Maximize Your Time

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Desktop computer with mouse and tablet.Every business owner or executive is faced with the challenge of succeeding professionally while thriving personally. For many, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. The FocalPoint Process helps business leaders increase productivity through a wide range of tools and techniques. One of these is our Grand “SLAM” Formula.

The goals of the Grand SLAM Formula are to provide insight into how you use your time and to implement strategies for maximizing that time. The result is substantial increases in both productivity and profits.

S – Simplify

Simplification looks at how you use your time by evaluating the value of each task and how each contributes to or detracts from your goals. To increase productivity, you must continually ask yourself if there are any tasks you should:

  1. Do more of
  2. Do less of
  3. Start doing
  4. Stop doing all together

You’re looking to reduce or eliminate tasks that don’t add value, build wealth or satisfy the needs of your personal life. Zero-based thinking can help with this process by encouraging you to ask yourself:

If I could do it all over again with the knowledge I have now, is there anything I’m doing presently that I wouldn’t incorporate again?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then it’s time to work towards eliminating those items from your daily life.

L – Leverage

Leverage explores how you can respectfully and efficiently utilize your relationships to achieve more. In other words, it asks: how you could fill GAPS in your expertise or experience by leveraging external resources?

Consider leveraging other people’s:

  • Knowledge – Rely on a network of specialists for trustworthy guidance on business aspects that are outside your areas of expertise.
  • Energy – Delegate low-value tasks to increase productivity in your own life.
  • Money – Accomplish more by considering borrowing or investment options to finance your next-level growth.
  • Successes – Study successful strategies to you move forward confidently.
  • Failures – Examine how others have failed to learn important lessons without wasting the time, energy and resources of trial-and-error methods.
  • Ideas – Expose yourself to diverse ideas, as they can skyrocket your creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Contacts – Network with those inside and outside your industry, since one key introduction can launch incredible new opportunities.

A – Accelerate

Acceleration involves creating systems and processes that increase productivity and optimize results. Today’s world moves quickly, and rapid delivery is the key to success – as long as it doesn’t diminish quality.

Start by analyzing how your business operates – searching for bottlenecks, adhoc processes, and consistently underperforming areas. The more you can standardize your operations, more efficiently you’ll be able to deliver.

M – Multiply

Multiplication happens when you create a high-performance climate by maximizing each team member’s abilities. As a successful business leader, you can be a multiplication sign – meaning your efforts to organize teams of professionals who have complementary skillsets will exponentially increase productivity throughout your organization. Your role is to assemble, motivate and streamline their performance, so they can efficiently accomplish the tasks that are central to your success.

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