The Top 5 Benefits of Entrepreneurial Development

focalpoint coaching, entrepreneurial developmentAs an entrepreneur, you’ve accepted the challenge of establishing and growing your business from the ground up. Depending on where you are in the business life cycle, it’s likely that your role is constantly evolving – leaving you with a delicate balancing act between the perspectives of the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur (a concept developed by Michael Gerber in his best-selling business book The E-Myth Revisited). Embracing entrepreneurial development not only helps you understand your role in your company; it also arms you with the skills you need to maximize your leadership effectiveness, your team’s performance, and your company’s continued success.

Understanding The 3 Business Leadership Personas

As a business owner who is interested in entrepreneurial development, you must first understand the three leadership personas and decide where your current role resides.

The Technician is working in the business with hands-on duties relating to production or carrying out your service offerings. The Manager is an owner who has stepped back from doing the work but continues to direct the day-to-day performance of lower-level staff. Finally, the Entrepreneur has realized his or her role as the leader of the company and focuses on the “big picture” – leading the organization towards a more successful and sustainable future.

The goal is to step (full-time) into the role of the Entrepreneur. It takes skill-building, resources and discipline to make this transition, but well-developed Entrepreneurs are more likely to build the business and lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Exploring the Top 5 Benefits of Entrepreneurial Development

Your company will benefit from entrepreneurial development in countless ways. However, here are the top benefits of stepping back to work on your business, instead of working in it.

  • Skill Development – Not all business owners share the same strengths, and no one has all the skills they need to achieve all of their goals – but you do have the opportunity to learn new skills to fill in those gaps. As you focus on expanding your skills, you’ll become an even more effective leader, negotiator and visionary.
  • Objective Perspective – When you’re stuck in the trenches, it’s impossible to see the greater landscape surrounding you. As you step back to see your business for what it is and what it can become, you’ll start to see new opportunities for growth, strengths to be leveraged, weaknesses to be corrected and threats that may exist on the horizon.
  • Strategic Planning – Your vision, goals and perspective are an essential first step, but successful Entrepreneurs take it to the next level by creating a detailed path forward. As you focus on developing your strategic plan, you should leverage the experience of advisors who have already walked this path.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment – Profitable companies are able to align their sales and marketing initiatives with the company’s goals and strategic plan. As you focus on the bigger picture, you can evaluate whether your tactics are actually taking you where you need to go and readjust your course as necessary.
  • Process & System Establishment – Boosting productivity and eliminating redundancy starts with establishing logical and reliable processes and/or systems. As you take the time to objectively analyze your business and all of its working parts, you’ll be better equipped to see the gaps in consistency, organization and operational productivity.

Achieve Next-Level Growth with Entrepreneurial Development Programs

At FocalPoint Canada, we guide our entrepreneur clients in overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities with proven processes and methodologies that have been used by thousands of successful businesses over the past two decades. Our FocalPoint business coaches use their expertise to teach our time-tested methods through individual coaching, group sessions, or trainings and workshops.

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